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Dude, you're getting dullI write this from a Toshiba laptop. But I’m a former Dell user. I’ve probably had seven or eight Dells over the years–and we have three in use in the household today. They’re OK machines. Not great, not lousy. Competent and usually cheap. But there’s nothing special about them and they can be downright¬†nightmares at just the wrong time.

So why is Dell going for love in its new campaign? ¬†“You can tell it’s a Dell” is the theme–and it might cut both ways. That old laptop of mine? I could tell it’s a Dell because it would simply refuse to turn on sometimes. The desktop down in the basement that’s only a couple of years old? Slow as molasses. Oh, and yes, I can tell it’s a Dell.

Dell has obviously been very successful over the years.

But let this lowly marketeer from Massachusetts make a suggestion.

Before you go for love, do a little courting and build some products that are genuinely lovable (not grudgingly purchased because they’re cheap or endured because it’s the company purchasing standard).

Then you can go for love. But for now, I’m not even ready to hold hands.

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