Posted by on January 4, 2011

You hear it both ways. And there’s a lot of debate over it, as you would expect.

Google the very title of this blog post and you’ll be told by the bright folks from the other coast that there are more than 3 million results. Of course, there’s no way to view them all–and I don’t propose to.

Say "Twenty Eleven"

But now that we’re a few days into this new year I thought I’d clear this whole thing up for you.

Say “Twenty Eleven.” There are lots of reasons why, but the best reason is it’s shorter and easier to understand (we didn’t say one-thousand-nine-hundred-and-seventy-nine in 1979, did we? Well, I know I didn’t.).

Plus, any phrase that has “thousand” in it makes me immediately start thinking about tuition bills. So help me out. Help yourselves. Save time and go with “Twenty Eleven.”

For the rest of the years in this decade and century–well, I’m sure you can figure it out.

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