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The last installment of the whitepaper saga

There are many good, even great, whitepapers out there.

But it’s not easy to find them. I’ve found a few that I’ll highlight here.

The first two are ones I wasn’t involved in at all–other than as a reader. The last one is one I was involved in, but I like it so much that I can’t resist linking to it.

First up: If you’re in marketing, you probably know HubSpot. A great resources for webinars, whitepapers and lots of other neat stuff, HubSpot was founded by Brian Halligan and Darmesh Shah i n 2006.

A while ago, I read one of their whitepapers (actually billed as an ebook), titled 5 Tips to Turn Your Website into a Marketing Machine.

HubSpot does something I encourage; you can click through much of the information they present in their paper without having to register. Moreover, the information in the paper is easy to absorb, and it’s incredibly useful. I would happily give up my email address and phone number for info like that.

Second: Back in August I saw a Tweet from Chris Brogan about a paper he’d just read, titled Rapid Video Blogging from Gideon Shalwick. I immediately went to the link because the subject interested me greatly.

My team was responsible for doing lots of video, and we wanted to learn how to do it, well, rapidly. The download was relatively easy, and the content was superb–if a bit dense (I had to endure some promo emails after downloading, but you take the good with the bad).

I immediately shared some of the ideas in the paper with my team (I’ve been doing video since 2″ tape was the standard, so moving pictures aren’t new to me, but there were some great ideas in the paper).

This paper does a few things very well:

  • It is nothing if not comprehensive (clocking it at north of 90 pages, I think it’s probably too long–but, hey, what do I know?)
  • It provides lots of clear, understandable examples
  • It shows you how to do certain things you probably didn’t know you could do

If you’re into video, this paper will probably help you out.

Third: When I was at Sophos, we cranked out lots of great papers. But one stands out from the rest.

What is Fake AV is a terrific paper that touched a chord with users. The paper does a lot of the things I outlined above. It is a comprehensive but accessible look at a troubling trend in IT security–bad guys trying to trick users into downloading malware that masquerades as anti-virus software.

In the paper, we took just the approach I have been advocating. The paper is gated, but we provided a wealth of information on the landing page: videos, podcasts, demos, and links to blog articles.

That’s three papers. There are countless other examples.  Let me know of ones that you particularly like.

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