I’m Mark Reed-Edwards. I founded Reed-Edwards Global in 2010 after a long career working as a marketer and writer, mainly for technology companies.

I specialize in telling stories about and for companies, products, analysts and executives. I work with organizations of all sizes — from early-stage and startup firms to big global companies as well.

The common thread in all my work is telling stories that engage prospects and customers. I write everything from short web copy and features to lengthy white papers and books.

Although I have made my living mainly as a writer for a long time, along the way I’ve also built and led marketing groups, spearheaded branding and rebranding efforts, and consulted with some of the world’s leading brands.

I worked as a speechwriter for the CEO of the erstwhile retailer Lechmere early on, then moved to Stratus Computer, EMC, Intranets.com, Yankee Group, Salary.com, and Sophos. After Sophos, I started my own business, with Sophos as my first client. I am fortunate to continue to work with clients such as AT&T, BAE Systems, CA, Ciena, Globant, HfS Research, Kaspersky, Kronos, Raytheon Cyber, Simple Tuition, Spartan Race, and more. In addition to the work I do with my clients, I recently started a podcast — Confessions of a Marketer. Give it a listen.

Running my own business has been a great ride. I enjoy every moment of it. I’d love to help you too.



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