Posted by on September 8, 2010

We’ve arrived in the era of the freeze-dried search.

Google Instant shows results as you type. It’s neat technology, as one would expect from Google.

But it strikes me that the time savings they’re boasting about is not unlike what Mobil was crowing about when it started the Speedpass back in the 1990s.  The reality is that paying for gas, or typing in the search and hitting Enter isn’t what takes the time. It’s pumping the gas or picking the search results. Fix either of those and you’ve got me.

Math is not my strong suit but here goes. Google estimates that it will save anything from 2 to 5 seconds per search.

I probably do, oh, maybe 50 searches a day.

Multiply that by 5 seconds and you come up with a bit over 4 minutes.

I think it gives me just enough time to make my way to the kitchen, pour some water in a mug, microwave it for a couple of minutes, then shovel some instant coffee in it.

So, relax, Jim. This is real coffee.

And Google Instant? It’s real search, real fast. Speedpass? I still don’t get it.

Keep on searching–and save me some decaf.

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