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AOL grabs TechCrunchTechCrunch, the great array of tech blogs, will soon be part of AOL.

Just what does this mean? Start a blog, cross your fingers, and hope AOL comes a-calling? Maybe. But, realistically, no.

It’s all about content. AOL is many things, but one thing it isn’t is naive about content. It has played in the content game for nearly two decades, but as the web grew in prominence, content became scattered. Small websites and blogs sprung up and decentralized content became fashionable.

Now that trend is reversing. Consolidation (or building content umbrellas) is the new trend. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo! are immersive experiences–the content stays under their umbrella even if it is hosted elsewehere. And, again, AOL will play that game, adding TechCrunch to its stable of properties that also includes another great blog–Engadget, as well as its 2009 acquisition, local search provider Patch.

This isn’t something new. Content has always been critical. From the early days of radio when CBS and NBC slugged it out over shows and personalities, on through TV’s golden era.

Content is king. So that’s why AOL bought TechCrunch. The revenue it will add to AOL’s bottom line is not nearly as valuable as the content it will reap as part of the deal.

There will be more deals like this down the road. Who will be next? You?

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