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Ah, the bygone days of Don Draper’s America.

Time was when the only tools a marketer needed was a pack of Camels, maybe an adult beverage on the rocks, a sharp Dixon Ticonderoga, and a nice thick pad of yellow lined paper.

Now there are tools available to marketers that Don Draper’s agency, Sterling Cooper, could only dream of.

Here are 3 indispensable tools for modern marketers:

  1. HubSpot’s website grader: This is a great piece of work from HubSpot, which generally does a good job with everything. Give up a few bits of info to HubSpot (site URL, your email) and you’ll get back a free report that analyzes the various aspects of your site. HubSpot looks at the effectiveness of your blog, your metadata, inbound links, etc., in 5 areas: Create Content, Optimize, Promote, Convert, and Analyze. A terrific resource to grade your website and compare yourself to your competition. Run a report, makes some changes, then run another report. You’re bound to see some improvement.
  2. Google Analytics: I don’t know of a better analytics tool for the price (it’s free). Is it as good as a tool you’d host on your internal servers? Probably not. But it does a heck of a lot the things you need to do. Drop a bit of code on your site and you’re off to the races. It will help you track campaigns, see what works, what doesn’t–and, maybe best of all, track ROI on your efforts.
  3. WordPress: Need a website that many people can publish to? Better yet, need a flexible platform to build your online presence on? Don’t want to break the bank? I have used WordPress for a couple of years. I’ve seen it used for personal blogs and for large corporate websites. It is–simply put– the best, most complete solution out there. Sure, there are other ways to get a website or blog up and running. And there are other open source website solutions that may rival it (such as Drupal), but WordPress is the one I turn to.

I didn’t mention Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn because (a) that would be too easy and (b) I’m assuming you already have accounts set up.

On my list, I’m thinking more about tools that actually help you, as a marketer, get your job done–so you can produce content, see how you’re doing, and measure ROI.

I’m sure there are things I’ve missed but these are the top three for me.

What are you thoughts? Should FinalCut have made the list (I’m wondering that myself)? Is there something incredibly obvious that I missed?

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